Dreamtime Images

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Dreamtime Images - Photographs from some of the most beautiful places on earth.

From the combination of Dreamtime Tours Australia - Individual Dreamtime Journeys
and the passion for photographie, the idea for this site has developped.

"Take only photographs - leave only footprints"

Under this rule we travelled the world. The australian aborigines lived - as the very only human individuals,
for then thousands of years on the australian continent - without destroying mother nature.

Property, jealousy and lust was non existing. They only took what was esssential for survial and found the explanation of creation
in their Dreamtime. The unique and wonderfull earth doesn't belong to anybody and humans are only part of it.

Dreamtime Images - Thomas Sautter - Photographs of timeless beauty.

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Verschiedene Motive und Formate Motive und Landschaften im Panoramaformat Details groß, verschieden Formate Hochformate und tierische Ansichten Küstenlandschaften Unterwasseraufnahmen Sonnenuntergänge Landschaftsprägende Persönlichkeiten - Bäume
Pictures featuring Australia Pictures featuring Brittany, France Pictures in Black n White Pictures featuring Madeira island, Portugal Pictures featuring New Zealand Pictures featuring Crozon Peninsula, Brittany, France Pictures featuring Crozon, Brittany 2010